Captivity Captive

Based on a real Australian murder mystery, Captivity Captive is a very dark but compelling read.

In 1898 two sisters and their brother were found shot and beaten to death near Gatton, QLD. Although there was a 5 month investigation and many fingers pointed amidst accusations and claims of sexual perversion, no one was ever charged with the crime.

Rodney Hall writes from the adopted perspective of one of the surviving 10 children of the family, fictional memories filling out the background and the events leading up to and beyond the triple murder of the siblings, based on the rumours and innuendo of the time.

Hints and suggestions are tantalisingly slipped into the narrative, pushing the reader on to turning the next page to confirm suspicions; and yet, when the identity of the culprit is finally made, it is without any trumpets or fanfare of any kind. The event is woven seamlessly into the story, so plausible as to be, perhaps, the solution of the tragedy.

First published in 1988, Captivity Captive is the first book in a trilogy that includes The Second Bridegroom and The Grisly Wife, which have all now been published together under the title A Dream More Luminous Than Love.

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