Here's Luck

Here's Luck was first published in 1930 and reprinted for many years up until 1982 but it has lost none of its humour in age.

It has been claimed, and rightly so, as "Australia's funniest book".

It's set in Sydney during the early years of the Great Depression. The narrator, our hero Mr Gudgeon, has been deserted by his wife and therefore he and his son Stanley - " an inventive but unreliable young man" - fend for themselves in pubs, gambling dens, cafes, race-courses and are joined by a collection of people both weird and wonderful.
Mr Gudgeon finds himself in pickles not of his making and with great humour, usually at his expense, he manages to extricate himself, much to the chagrin of his sister-in-law.

Lennie Lower wrote several books, including a sequel titled "Here's Another", that was published in 1932. His comedy stands up to todays climate and gives any current-day comedian a run for their money.
Here's Luck is often found on eBay, op shop shelves or at book dealers. It would make an excellent addition to any home, inducing chuckles, giggles and belly laughs with the flick of just a few pages.