The Land Boomers

The Land Boomers was first published in 1966 and later editions were issued due to its immense popularity.

This is about the almost insane land booms and speculation that swept through Australia in the 1880's and 1890's, following the enrichment of the colonies with the many successful goldmines.
Speculation, with little or no real assets to back them up, saw many become destitute in the following catastrophic depression while others flourished and made it big.

How did this happen?

Michael Cannon spent untold hours sorting through many old public records that had been filed under F for Forget.
What he discovered was a trail of corruption never before seen in any democracy.

The first edition of The Land Boomers caused a sensation as many of the families named in it were still well-known and the author had access to papers highlighting the naked greed with which many people had operated.

The Land Boomers is a thoroughly exhausting read just for the sheer volume of money many were gambling with on investments that didn't even exist except on paper.
It is a meticulously researched book that gives the reader just an inkling of the horror that followed with the questionable transactions allowed by government bodies and members of banking institutions.
Most Mum and Dad investors, caught up in the fever of speculation that infected everybody at the time, were the main victims of the tremendous Bust that followed The Land Boomers.