The Shadow Thief

As the last book review was about such a dark subject, I thought I'd balance it with The Shadow Thief.

Not only is it a highly imaginative book written by a talented Aussie, but the author, Alexandra Adornetto, was only 13 when she wrote it.

The Shadow Thief is in the same vein as Harry Potter, with some Enid Blyton, Anne of Green Gables, and a touch of Artemis Fowl all in the mix.

A fantasy adventure story that takes the reader on an enjoyable journey away from hum-drum reality for a ride through a world where everyone must behave like sheep to conform to another person's ideal until one girl refuses to bleat like a woolly backed animal and questions the motives and powers draining the colour from everything.

Published in 2007, Alexandra Adornetto has a fantastic ability; we are all looking forward to the sequel she is currently writing for The Shadow Thief and, no doubt, many other works she will have in the future.