A Bottle of Sandwiches

Denis O'Grady, son of the comedic genius John O'Grady, wrote about his adventures as he worked his way around Australia and the many characters he met.

First published in 1968 and reprinted many times after, A Bottle of Sandwiches captures the Aussie dialect and affords the reader a laugh on almost every line.

John O'Grady famously wrote under the pseudonym of Nino Culotta in his well-known novel "They're a Weird Mob" where he observed Australians and their way of life from the view of an immigrant unused to Australia.
His son Denis has given us his take on people from all the off-beaten tracks and out-of-the-way places he was fortunate to meet, as they have given him, like his father, a rich source of humour and wit , while not insulting anyone along the pages.