A Different Sort Of Real

A Different Sort Of Real: The Diary Of Charlotte McKenzie is another brilliant book from Kerry Greenwood.

Published in 2001 this is a pseudo- diary of a girl at the end of WW1, before and during the deadly influenza epidemic that swept Melbourne, Australia and the world.

Charlotte McKenzie is an assistant to the neighbouring doctor and her narration brings the terrified confusion, desperate superstitions and pain of death that controlled everyone everywhere at this moment in time.

Whole streets, towns and states quarantined, people refusing to answer their front doors, returned soldiers struggling to find a meaning and place for themselves in the alien world they now found and everyone praying for a cure.

Kerry Greenwood has written this for adolescents but anyone interested in history would find this account a fantastic treasure, bringing the facts to life for the reader where they remain in the memory long after the book is finished.