Great Convict Escapes

First published in 1998 and again in 2003, Warwick Hirst has meticulously researched 11 tales of convicts' successful escapes.

Hundreds of convicts escaped and ,while most were captured, died a lonely death in the bush or became desperate and returned, others managed the impossible.

Some lived with the aborigines, some tried the bushranging game but others ,through wits and good luck, made it to distant ports and even back home to England.

These tales are almost beyond belief; these adventurous souls rolled the dice and took their chances. They succeeded or they perished but they refused to be beaten and forged part of the national identity when they treated the authorities with contempt.

A riveting read, Great Convict Escapes in Colonial Australia draws vivid pictures of life as it once was, with Warwick Hirsts' penmanship and attention to details teaching more about the foundations of Australia through individual convicts than most books of this ilk.