My Henry Lawson

Bertha Lawson, widow of Australian poet Henry, penned this pretty little book in 1943.

It's an interesting read in that it does reveal some personal occurrences and details not generally known or simply ignored by biographers, and yet on the other hand, with hindsight courtesy of meticulously researched biographers , Bertha has managed to polish up and sweep away several landmark events during her famous husband's life.

It is no longer in print and by today's standards it may not even be considered by any publisher but nevertheless Bertha lived with the legend and had her tale to tell.
This is not a love story but the affection she so obviously had for him, and that it remained even after his death and her remarriage, is evident in the way she has tried to excuse and hide Henry's alcoholism while pointing out his many shining pieces of work, his humour and his affable nature towards all.