Red Heart

It's Australia in the future, 20 years after the event they call Greenhouse, and everywhere is awash with constant falling rain and rising rivers.
The Company is driving all the farmers off what little dry property they have left in a their efforts to monopolise the remnants of land.
Crocodiles infest the mighty Murray River, while thick jungle flora has sprung up along its crumbling banks.

Against this background a teenager fighting to keep his family's farm sets off from Renmark to travel up the Murray River to the now submerged town of Wentworth and then up the Darling River to find his uncle who has created an empire in the swamps and jungles from the wealth of gold he discovered.

Published in 2001, Victor Kelleher has captured a post-apocalyptic Australia struggling, as always, against the forces of nature but now finding the land they tried to bend to their will is quickly drowning under the power of the once-fickle rain.
This is no Boys' Own Adventure; it is a gritty and dark tale that transports the reader to a frighteningly possible confrontation with the future .