What A Life !

And well may you echo the title's sentiment after reading this book.

When Jeff Patterson was born he was left on the doorstep of a Hawthorn boot-maker whose wife took him in and raised him as her own.

Growing up during the Great Depression in Melbourne Jeff skipped school to sell newspapers to help his mother, did a stint in the infamous Tally Ho Boys' Home and at 11 he ran away to Bendigo and ended up as a boundary rider on a farm at Rochester.

His boundless energy saw him into many a scrape but also many adventures and jobs that he has obviously enjoyed.
After boundary riding, he fell into becoming a professional boxer, then his sporting abilities saw him graduate to a professional Aussie Rules footballer; later he travelled to Europe where he built a world-renown PR business.

The story of his life is a rollicking ride for the reader; if made into a movie no one would believe it was based on facts and not fiction.
Although he has become a wealthy man, throughout the book it is evident Jeff Patterson has never forgotten nor lost his roots in depression-hit Richmond and is as laid back about his achievements as he is about any losses and recalls every name fondly and those who earned his wrath are just as clearly remembered.

What A Life! was published in 2005 and is an entertaining read for any sports affectionado or readers who appreciate a well-written autobiography that is as honest as it is captivating.