Where The Dead Men Lie

The title of this biography-novel, first published in 2002, is taken from the same name of Barcroft Boake's most famous poem.

Barcroft Boake was a brilliant poet who could have been the foremost Australian poet, had he only lived.
The small glimpses of his talent in the oh-so-few works he completed have been claimed to have been bigger,brighter and better than all who came before him- including Henry Kendall, Lawson, Paterson, and others.

A drover and stockman, Boake travelled as far as Queensland, chased brumbies in the Snowy Mountains, skied at Kiandra and fell in love with a sister of Charlie McKeahnie on whom Banjo Paterson based The Man From Snowy River.

The author, Hugh Capel, is the great, great nephew of Barcroft Boake and has written of his uncle's life sympathetically but with honesty.

The depression of the 1890's spurred Barcroft into submitting his poems to The Bulletin, where many lauded his talent, including Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson.
The question still remains on what made Barcroft take his own life just 12 months after he began being recognised as a poet of great merit, but Hugh Capel gives some evidence pointing to the possible reasons in this book.

A great book that gives some insights into the motivations of the poetry, the man and the very sad end.

More information on Barcroft Boake available at Hugh Capel's site HERE