The Passing of The Aborigines

First published in 1938, this account of Daisy Bates' life living and studying aborigines is still relevant today.

Daisy was a self-taught anthropologist, which gave her a head start in many ways on her professional peers, in that she had no preconceived ideas to bias her to what she observed for 35 years.

At the age of 41 Daisy went to live with the aborigines in Western Australia and by the time she retired aged 76 she could speak 188 dialects, had spent a small fortune on helping those she lived amongst and had protected them with a fierce fighting attitude.

This book details everything she lived and breathed for those 35 years; the beliefs, customs, ceremonies and mundane daily chores of Indigenous Australians, leaving us a legacy to both learn from and admire but also to reflect on what has and hasn't been saved from such a rich and diverse culture.