The Real Matilda

Miriam Dixson published this in 1976, after researching the attitudes and social standing of the women who helped build this nation from 1788 up till 1975.

Is it outdated? No.
This book defines how women were the last in the pecking order, with down-trodden male convicts and lower class male workers using women to keep themselves from being the lowest rung on the social ladder.

With a fresh look at our pioneering history finally including the female contribution in the last 20 years, this book highlights not only the male dominated attitudes towards the girls and women in the past but also the importance placed on male achievements in the retelling and educating of our history that overlooked the women for so long.

While our explorers and leaders were once highly lauded from the schoolroom to Parliament, no one thought to ask what the women were doing at these momentous times and this book attempts to show how the men were often gaining recognition on the backs of the hard working women who were expected to remain faceless and voiceless.