Australian Graffiti

Published in 1975 this book has actually preserved a lost Aussie art - that of our home grown graffiti.

Long before "tagging" and art galleries coloured the walls and fences around metropolitan cities, some witty buggers took pen in hand and scribbled their deepest thoughts on toilet doors, in wet cement, and on the odd wall or 3.

Far from merely "claiming" or "tagging" an area with illegible doodles, these clever clogs came up with witty and topical (for the day) political rhymes that gave a giggle or a mild smirk to those reading their efforts.

I woz 'ere,
'Ere I woz,
Woz I 'ere?
I guess I woz.

Apathy is a big problem, but who cares?

Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted - Bill Posters is innocent!

Owing to disinterest this door will not be published in paperback.