Billiant Careers ; Women In Australian Cinema

First published in 1986, Andree Wright has compiled a great book on just a few of the leading ladies who shone on the silver screen.

With a collection of photos of these women who carved a path for today's actresses, their stories have been well-researched and deserve a place on any bookcase as not only an interesting read but also to illustrate how some women had more freedom in careers "on the stage" than her sisters in everyday life.

Lottie Lyell, known as The Sentimental Girl, had a lifetime lover affair with Raymond Longford who's wife refused to divorce him (similar to that of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy) until it was obvious Lottie was dying.
Lottie was also probably the great director and producer behind many of their collaborative film efforts, a fact not made public until long after her death.
Many Aussie actresses, who's names and films have been forgotten with the march of time, are put back into the spotlight with this book, which would appeal to many.