Firewood Tramways of The Walhalla Mines 1865-1915

Terry and Brenda Jenkins have meticulously traced and mapped all of the firewood tramways in and around the isolated mountain township of Walhalla.

Published in 1998 this book is a testament to their love for the area, the detailed maps and years of research are shared with the reader.

Due to it's isolation and the impassable tracks in Winter, the supply of firewood needed to power all sorts of equipment in the mining town had to be brought in by the specially constructed tramways.
Traversing creeks and rivers, steep mountain sides and gulls, many of these firewood tramways were buried under metres of soil and undergrowth, forcing the Jenkins' into many a historic archaeology dig to find the evidence of the former tramway lines.
Some iron rails were still in place, the landslides and soil covering them having preserved them from the passing years.

Filled with many maps and photos, this is a fascinating book, tracing the ingenuity and sheer hard work of those early pioneers against the rugged mountains.