Reminiscences Of Early Dandenong

This is a fantastic book that I'm still working my way through.
Although first published in book form in 1935 and then reprinted in 1984, the author's memories were actually serialised in the local Dandenong newspaper, Dandenong Journal, that his family then owned.

The photos in this 1984 reprint are just as brilliant as any earlier ones may have been in the newspaper.
Each section is a fascinating snippet of an earlier age being painted clearly to the reader not from dry dusty descriptions garned from bland history notes but from a first-hand eye witness account.

It is the sort of book the reader can dip into from time to time or read it in full in one sitting, gobbling it whole like a ripe peach, but return to it for second helpings at any time and find them just as filling as the first reading.

Recollections of a lost pioneer cemetery from the 1850's on private property, the early pubs being built, pulled down and rebuilt in quick succession as owners were in fierce competition, and the local creeks overflowing and turning the main streets into fast flowing rivers replete with wild ducks that were quickly hunted with guns from the balcony of one of pubs; these are the brilliant sort of gems covering each and every page.