The Lighthorseman's Daughter by David Crookes

Yes, there is a thread of romance running through The Lighthorseman's Daughter but it covers politics and historical events both here in Australia and overseas through what could be seen as an ugly period of time.
 Looking back there was much sorrow and pain through the Great Depression leading up to the Spanish Civil War; so many were left homeless, without work, harsh measures were used on a daily basis from police on the street up through the corridores of politics and power.

Yet, there is a great deal to recommend both this book and the period of time - people struggled and got through, friendships were forged while marriages broke down under the weight of greed.
This is a good read, driving home the petty little details that greased the wheels of those who would play at being king, those who could have been the victims but refused to lay down and play dead and it shows there was a basic goodness in most people, despite the strictures of the times and laws of the time.

While it is described as a romantic novel the romance is very few and far between, if anything it is better placed in the historical novel genre and, although it does paint the desperation of the Great Depression in Sydney the only fly in the ointment of the tale is the unrealistic part of the financial security in the background.
Overall, it was a nice read.