The Shifting Fog by Kate Morton

Like her other novel I recently read Kate Morton's The Shifting Fog keeps the reader spellbound til the end.
The delicious descripions of each character and their setting of the early 1900s drips with enough reality as to draw them clearly before you.
The dresses, hair fashions and styles of the mad flapper 20s, the starchy black uniforms of the servants, them below stairs knowing their place and keeping their place, it is a rich tapestry woven by a clever wordsmith for us.
Several mysteries are sown throughout the tale; several tangled stories to unravel and connect loose ends, told from the other end of a long life that finishes but not before the tale is done and the secrets are divulged to the next generation.
I'm really enjoying the quality of Kate Morton's work; each novel is a mystery wrapped up in a delicate illusion of a past age with enough talent for painting the past as to make of her an artist with a sumptuious palette and a historian for the extensive research she has gathered.
Next on the list is her more recently published book The Distant Hours.