Turnham Malpas books by Rebecca Shaw

I've indulged in 4 of Rebecca Shaw's Turnham Malpas books, a series set in the small English village of Turnham Malpas.
I've loved the simple, easy-going style of the writing, the storyline(s) and the pace at which the village operates.
Certainly there are scandals (Oooo, er that new rector got up to some dreadful mischief! Oh My, the things that dreadful girl from the pub did!) and there's always the gossip tucked away almost as an aside but the way Rebecca Shaw depicts the village's reactions to this and other shocking events is one of taking everything in its collective stride, albeit with one or two little odd behaviours that one would find in most villages/small towns the world over.
I grabbed these books as they came to hand - the first three were in a bumper book together, the 4th was found in the local second hand shop, although I will be hunting down the rest at the local library.
I've gobbled down

A Village Dilemma