Blood in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope

Blood in the Cotswolds is, apparently, the fifth in a series of books but I found it quite easy to pick up and get straight into the story without having known the characters or their previous storylines.
Rebecca Tope is a damn good writer; she combines intrigue with descriptions of a beautiful countryside to make you drool even while reading about a grisly discovery under a tree.
The characters are written as very believeable - a relationship where people are still finding their footing, differing opinions, tastes and slipped discs clashing at inopportune moments, and finding family members of partners a pain in the neck to deal with.
The Cotswolds are gloriously painted here albeit as background for murder, attempted murder, justifiable homicide and house-sitting an escaping snake.
Looking forward to reading more in this series and from Rebecca Tope!