Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries by Carola Dunn

So far, I've enjoyed two of the Daisy Dalrymple tales; The Winter Garden Mystery and Damsel in Distress, both which I've read completely independent of the first, not needing to (but wanting to!) find the introductory story of Daisy Dalrymple.

They are similar to the Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood but sufficiently different to be an entity in their own right.
 While Phryne Fisher is the daughter of a Lord who's unexpected ascendancy to the title came about through the deaths of so many during WW1who were in line to inherit a vast estate thus rescuing her from a life of squallor, Daisy Dalrymple is the daughter of a Lord who's son (and heir to the estate) perished in The Great War leaving her to work as a writer based in a share house in Chelsea, solving mysteries as they come her way while her mother dwells in the Dower House of their former family home.
The two characters are book ends; each representing the other side of the coin of how WW1left its stain on the world.

Daisy's brother and fiancee were killed in battle, she worked in a VAD hospital caring for the wounded while many family friends who returned from the war were changed, which is often acknowledged throughout the storylines by Carola Dunn.
The effects of the war and the deadly Spanish Influenza epidemic following is often remarked upon, as it was at the time, a social measuring stick for all who'd survived.

The mysteries are well written and enjoyable, there is nothing far-fetched about them and they also retain subtle humour and secondary storylines running throughout to paint a very realistic picture of life in England in the 1920s.
Can highly recommend this series!