Slick Sisters Motorcycle Club by Michael Joseph Stanton

I borrowed this from the library and wanted to like it, I really did.
Slick Sisters Motorcycle Club sounded like it had all the elements including reincarnation....
I struggled to get my head around a main character who had not only the smarts to become a surgeon but took on penny-pinching hospital admin... only to then read how she impulsively created a female motorcycle club without realising the dangers involved, how she didn't anticipate a police raid after they'd attacked a randy male, how the other members (who'd previously been painted as strong individuals) turned to water when trouble loomed, making the club house a safe house for abused women and children was just plain dumb and the whole theme was how badly done by females were by men.
I got as far as about 1/3 into the book before I gave it up.
Did not finish, can not recommend.