Biggles and The Boundary Riders!

I popped off to the local op shops with the other half this morning and got a couple of surprises.
Good surprises.
The first one was a Biggles book that is based in Australia, titled Biggles Works It Out (and, no I shant hear any jokes about Biggles, a pencil and constipation) and another which is actually a game book called Biggles Adventure Game of The Secret Night Flyer (based on Capt. WE Johns' book Biggles and The Dark Intruder).

I have a fondness for the Biggles books, even though they're not strictly Australian.

A 3rd surprise I found was the crowning moment of op shop hunting; since grade 4 when my teacher read it out to us students stuck indoors each lunchtime due to highly inclement weather I have been hunting for my own copy of this book.
And now I have it in my hot little hand.
The Boundary Riders by Joan Phipson.

I almost feel like making myself crunchy peanut butter sangas on super soft white bread to eat while reading it just like I did all those years ago!