2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge + Forgotten Rebels of Eureka review

I've certainly set myself a decent challenge with this one, proposing to devour 20+ books before years end and review them all.
I've had a good start this year with Dr. Clare Wright's latest offing The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka - go buy it!

Seriously, it is a bloody ripper read with so many facts and figures thrown at you but encased in the background of the goldfields painted so clearly for the reader it would be a perfect text for upper high school history students to read, as well as being enjoyed by any adult.
You can hear the wheels of carts crunching over the gravel as the horses do their daily work all over the goldfields, with loud shouts between miners, women working just as hard and kids laughing and playing - the sounds you'd hear today but it's a fragment of Oz history that is as clear as day under a microscope of research.
How much has the Eureka Rebellion been twisted for various individuals and purposes other than it was first intended?
That is up to the reader to conclude after the book is finished and we're furnished with the facts - the REAL facts - of just who was there and what roles they played, how they influenced the outcome and why the chickybabes have been airbrushed out of the picture...shades of playing down the early suffragettes perhaps?
Fear that the manly men didn't appear too manly with the girls in the picture?
Who knows why it happened but now is the time to overturn the misconceptions of what the rebellion was really all about and who was present in the midst of the great mess it became.